Hints & Tips

Transferring and Opening Files

How to get images from the camera on to the computer
Transferring Files

Images may be transferred directly from the card onto your PC via a card reader. This makes it unnecessary to load software onto your PC and is generally quicker. When the card reader is inserted into the PC, Windows will produce a pop up box.

Select ‘Open Folder to View Files..’ and press OK.

This will allow you to view the Folders / Files that are saved on the card. Double clicking a folder will open it to reveal the files.

You need to create a new folder in readiness to receive your images.

Try to keep all of your pictures saved in the same place as this will make them easier to retrieve later. The default folder ‘Pictures’ folder that Windows provides is probably the best place. Right click this folder and a pop up box will appear. Select New / Folder. Give your folder a meaningful name.

Arrange each window on screen so that you are able to view both source folder (card) and the destination folder (newly created folder).
Click the folders / files in the source folder and drag them over to the destination folder. You should see a + sign appear. Release the mouse and the files will copy into the new folder.

Opening Files

You are now ready to open your pictures in Photoshop; this may be done in several ways and varies between versions.

If you are using CS2 pictures may be opened using ‘The Bridge’ (the equivalent to explorer in any other program) which is represented by a magnifying glass symbol.

This opens the Bridge which usually defaults to the last folder that you were using. If this is not the folder that you require use either the symbol of a folder with an arrow pointing up (which takes you up one level at a time), or the drop down arrow which will allow you to select any folder or drive.

You may also open files by selecting from the drop down menu File / Recent (or File / Open).

If you are using Elements 4, pictures may be opened by clicking the folder with the arrow pointing down, this will open another window which will allow you to navigate to your folder using the drop down arrow or the symbol of a folder with an arrow pointing up

You may also open files by selecting from the drop down menu File / Open Recently Edited File (or File / Open).

Rotating Pictures

Not all cameras rotate upright pictures at the taking stage. This may be done via Photoshop. In either program Right Click the picture and a pop up box will appear. Choose the option that this appropriate for the picture

Rating and Searching for Pictures

Both programs will allow you ‘rank’ your pictures using a star system. This will allow you to sort all your ‘best’ pictures together. Click on the dots below the picture to do this.

You can also add ‘keywords’ to your pictures which will allow you to search more easily for pictures later on.