Data Protection Policy 2018

The Society will achieve these policy objectives as follows:

Committee Members who may wish to use the data for the furthering of the objects of the Society will be briefed on GDPR requirements

The Membership Secretary will

• Keep all original signed membership documents, forms and consents
• Destroy the membership and consent documents of each person when they cease to be a Member
• Respect the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and remove reference and images from the societies website.
• For members under the age of 16 obtain written consent provided by a parent or guardian, such consent being kept with the member’s documents.
• See that all elected and co-opted Committee members, know they must not construct or keep address lists of members or transfer any Society Member’s information in any form.
• The Secretary has the names & email addresses of all current members who have given consent for email communications.
• *The Competitions Secretary has the names & membership numbers of all current members.
• Review this policy document at least annually, preferably prior to the Society’s AGM.

Nothing set out above is to preclude:

  • The incidental use of individual personal data for the purposes of communication between members and Committee Members in furtherance of the day-to-day activities of the Society.
  • - The administration of competitions and posting of competition results and identification of images by the Competition Secretary.
  • - The administration of exhibitions and identification of images by the Exhibition Committee.

Queries on Data Protection may be sent via the ‘Contact Us’ webpage or emailed to
Data Protection